Review Article
Craniocerebral Gunshot Injuries; A Review of the Current Literature

Hernando Raphael Alvis-Miranda; Andres M. Rubiano; Amit Agrawal; Alejandro Rojas; Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar; Guru Dutta Satyarthee; Willem Guillermo Calderon-Miranda; Nidia Escobar Hernandez; Nasly Zabaleta-Churio

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 65-74

   Craniocerebral gunshot injuries (CGI) are increasingly encountered by neurosurgeons in civilian and urban settings. Unfortunately, more   prevalent condition in developing countries, with major armed conflicts which is still persisting, since the main trigger is violence at the national or state ...  Read More

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)-based Assessment of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course in Iran

Hamid Reza Abbasi; Mitra Amini; Shahram Bolandparvaz; Shahram Paydar; Jameel Ali; Sepideh Sefidbakht

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 75-79

  Objective: To evaluate the effect of advance trauma life support (ATLS®) training on general surgery residents clinical reasoning skills using the national boards-style objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).Methods: This cross-sectional single-center study was conducted in Shiraz University ...  Read More

Local Effect of Heparin Binding Neurotrophic Factor Combined With Chitosan Entubulization on Sciatic Nerve Repair in Rats

Ali Mehrshad; Ashkan Seddighnia; Mohammadreza Shadabi; Alireza Najafpour; Rahim Mohammadi

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 80-87

  Objective: To assess the effect of heparin binding neurotrophic factor (HBNF) on sciatic nerve regeneration in animal model of rat.Methods: Seventy-five male Wistar rats were divided into five experimental groups randomly (each group containing 15 animals): Sham operation group (SHAM), autograft group ...  Read More

Evaluation of Sensorimotor Nerve Damage in Patients with Maxillofacial Trauma; a Single Center Experience

Behnaz Poorian; Mehdi Bemanali; Mohammad Chavoshinejad

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 88-92

  Objective: To evaluate sensorimotor nerve damage in patients with maxillofacial trauma referring to Taleghani hospital, Tehran, IranMethods: This cross-sectional study was conducted during a 2-year period from 2014 to 2012 in Taleghani hospital of Tehran. We included a total number of 495 patients with ...  Read More

Assessment and Availability of Trauma Care Services in a District Hospital of South India; A Field Observational Study

Pallavi Sarji Uthkarsh; Gopalkrishna Gururaj; Sai Sabharish Reddy; Mandya Siddalingaiah Rajanna

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 93-100

  Objective: To assess the availability of trauma care services in a district referral hospital of Southern India.Methods: This was a cross-sectional study being performed during 2013 in a tertiary healthcare centre in Southern Indian. A detailed assessment of trauma care services was done in a 400 bed ...  Read More

Brief Communication
Short-term Results of Muscle-Pedicle Bone Grafting with Tensor Fascia Lata for Delayed Femoral Neck Fractures; Case Series and Literature Review

Kuldip Salgotra; Sarabjeet Kohli; Nilesh Vishwakarma

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 101-104

  Neglected, untreated and delayed femur neck fractures are commonly encountered and the treatment dilemma arises especially when the patient is physiologically young and osteosynthesis is the preferred option. Controversy exists in the current literature as the various head salvage surgeries like valgus ...  Read More

Case Report
Blunt Abdominal Wall Disruption by Seatbelt Injury; A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Maarten Philip Cornelissen; Jesse van Buijtenen; Baukje van den Heuvel; Frank Bloemers; Leo Geeraedts Jr.

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 105-109

  With the introduction of the use of seatbelts in cars, mortality following motor vehicle crashes has decreased significantly. However, two patterns of injuries, the ‘seatbelt sign’ and ‘seatbelt syndrome’ have emerged. Injuries may consist of traumatic abdominal wall disruption. We present two ...  Read More

Case Report
Trans-Scaphoid Perilunate Fracture Dislocation; A Technical Note

Hossein Aslani; Mohammad Reza Bazavar; Ali Sadighi; Ali Tabrizi; Asghar Elmi

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 110-112

  Carpal fracture-dislocation is regarded as an unusual orthopedic injury and, thus, orthopedic surgeons are less experienced in dealing with and treating these fractures and dislocations. We report a 20-year-old worker man suffering from an unusual carpal fracture-dislocation. There was trans-scaphoid ...  Read More

Case Report
Post-Traumatic Balint's Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar; Willem Guillermo Calderon-Miranda; Zenen Antonio Carmona-Meza; Hernando Raphael Alvis-Miranda; Nasly Zabaleta Churio; Gabriel Alcalá-Cerra; Andrés M. Rubiano

Volume 4, Issue 2 , April 2016, Pages 113-115

   Balint’s syndrome is a rare neurological disorder associated with bilateral parieto-occipital damage which was described by Rezsö Bálint in 1909.The syndrome is manifested clinically by the presence of a hemispatial negligence. The lesion is usually inside parietooccipital region bilaterally in ...  Read More