Document Type : Case Report


Universidad de Cartagena


 Balint’s syndrome is a rare neurological disorder associated with bilateral parieto-occipital damage which was described by Rezsö Bálint in 1909.The syndrome is manifested clinically by the presence of a hemispatial negligence. The lesion is usually inside parietooccipital region bilaterally in most cases but may also be compromised angular convolutions, the dorsolateral area of the occipital lobe as the superior parietal lobule. We herein report a 61-year-old man with traumatic brain injury who was diagnosed to have right parieto-occipital contusion in radiologic evaluation. Physical examination was consistent with Balint's syndrome. The patient was followed for 12 months post-injury and received 4-months of outpatient rehabilitation. Patient showed improvement of Balint’s syndrome 8 months after the starts of symptoms.