Document Type: Case Report


Orthopedics and Traumatology Surgery Department, Emam khomeini Educational Hospital, Urmia University of Medical Sciences


Carpal fracture-dislocation is regarded as an unusual orthopedic injury and, thus, orthopedic surgeons are less experienced in dealing with and treating these fractures and dislocations. We report a 20-year-old worker man suffering from an unusual carpal fracture-dislocation. There was trans-scaphoid fracture and lunate dislocation with other carpal proximal bones toward volar of the wrist. Two volar and dorsal approaches were used to treat and stabilize the fracture. It was completely stabilized after open reduction and fixation using several pins. After two days, neural symptoms were completely recovered and the patient was discharged. Postoperative radiographies revealed complete restitution of lesser and greater arcs and normalization of Gilula's line. Scapholunate and lunatocapitate angles reached to less than 60° and 10°, respectively. The combined approach had favorable results for treatment of this unusual type of carpus fracture dislocation. However longer follow up is need to evaluate the arthritis and degenerative changes in wrist.