Review Article
Two Validated Ways of Improving the Ability of Decision-Making in Emergencies; Results from a Literature Review

Amir Khorram-Manesh; Johan Berlin; Eric Carlström

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 186-196

  The aim of the current review wasto study the existing knowledge about decision-making and to identify and describe validated training tools.A comprehensive literature review was conducted by using the following keywords: decision-making, emergencies, disasters, crisis management, training, exercises, ...  Read More

Ultra-Early versus Early Excision and Grafting for Thermal Burns up to 60% Total Body Surface Area; A Historical Cohort Study

Abdolkhalegh Keshavarzi; Mehdi Ayaz; Maryam Dehghankhalili

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 197-201

  Objective: To compare the outcome of patients with up to 60% total body surface area (TBSA) thermal burns undergoing ultra-early and early excision and grafting.Methods: This historical cohort study was performed in two referral burn centers of Shiraz during a 1-year period from 2015 to 2016. We included ...  Read More

Increased Likelihood of Arrhythmic Events Associated with Increased Anxiety in Patients with Implanted Cardiac Defibrillators after the Ahar-Varzegan Earthquake in East Azarbaijan, 2012

Fatemeh Ranjbar; Fariborz Akbarzadeh; Babak Kazemi; Abdolmohammad Ranjbar; Sonia Sharifi Namin; Homayoun Sadeghi-Bazargani

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 202-210

   Objective: To determine the type and pattern of arrhythmic events following the 2012 Ahar-Varzegan Earthquake among patients implanted with cardiac defibrillators (ICDs) in East Azarbaijan province.Methods: In a prospective cohort study, conducted in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran, 132 patients were ...  Read More

Validity of the Electronic Triage System in Predicting Patient Outcomes in Tabriz, Iran: A Cross-Sectional Study

Faramarz Pourasghar; Jafar Sadegh Tabrizi; Alireza Ala; Amin Daemi

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 211-215

  Objective: To validate the triage ratings performed by the Electronic Triage System (ETS) using hospitalization, length of stay, resource use, in-hospital mortality and patient bills as outcome measures.Methods: In this retrospective cross-sectional study the medical records of 387 patients were reviewed ...  Read More

The Burden of Road Traffic Injuries in Yazd Province - Iran

Mahmood Vakili; Mohsen Mirzaei; Azar Pirdehghan; Mohamadreza Sadeghian; Majid Jafarizadeh; Mojtaba Alimi; Shadi Naderian; Arezoo Aghakoochak

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 216-222

  Objectives: To estimate the Disabled-adjusted Life Years (DALYs) of Road Traffic Accidents in patients referred to hospitals in Yazd Province, central Iran.Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in Yazd province during 2010. To calculate the Years of Life Lost (YLL) due to premature death ...  Read More

The Epidemiological Characteristics of Motorcyclists Associated Injuries in Road Traffics Accidents; A Hospital-Based Study

Saber Ghaffari-fam; Ehsan Sarbazi; Amin Daemi; Mohammad Reza Sarbazi; Hossein Ali Nikbakht; Shaker Salarilak

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 223-229

  Objectives: To determine the epidemiology of injuries of the motorcyclists in road traffic accidents (RTIs) between 2008 and 2014 in East Azarbayejan province of Iran.Methods: A cross-sectional study was performed in East Azerbaijan province in Imam Reza hospital on motorcyclists subjected to injuries ...  Read More

An Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Accidents in Guilan Province, Northern Iran in 2012

Zahra Mohtasham-Amiri; Saeed Dastgiri; Ali Davoudi-kiakalyeh; Ali Imani; Keyvan Mollarahimi

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 230-235

  Objective: To determine the epidemiological characteristics of the road traffic injuries (RTIs) in Guilan province, northern Iran.Methods: This study was a cross-sectional study which included all of RTIs admitted to medical centers of Guilan province (northern Iran) during 2012. ICD-10 was used as ...  Read More

Case Report
An Unusual Case of Transorificial Abdomino-Thoracic Impalement Injury in a Child

Hemanshi Shah; Charu Tiwari; Shalika Jayaswal; Keshav Murthy

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 236-239

   Impalement injuries are rare in the paediatric age group. Still rarer are injuries which traverse multiple body cavities. Such injuries require multispecialty management at a tertiary care centre. We describe a case of an accidental impalement injury in a 12-year-old boy after a fall from height. The ...  Read More

Case Report
Extra Luminal Entrapment of Guide Wire; A Rare Complication of Central Venous Catheter Placement in Right Internal Jugular Vein

Md Abu Masud Ansari; Naveen Kumar; Shailesh Kumar; Sarita Kumari

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 240-243

  Central venous Catheterization (CVC) is a commonly performed procedure for venous access. It is associated with several complications. We report a rare case of extra luminal entrapment of guide wire during CVC placement in right jugular vein. We report a case of 28 years old female patient presented ...  Read More

Case Report
Ruptured Cystic Mesothelioma Diagnosed after Blunt Trauma; Case Report and Literature Review

Francisco Igor B. Macedo; Alice J. Race; Laszlo M. Hoesel

Volume 4, Issue 4 , October 2016, Pages 244-247

  The majority of blunt trauma is secondary to motor vehicle crashes,especially in those wearing seatbelts or sitting in the front or passenger seat location.Hollow viscus gastrointestinal injuries occur more frequently in small bowel, followed by colorectal, duodenum, stomach and appendix. A 25-year-old ...  Read More