Document Type : Case Report


1 Department Of General Surgery, Parkhayat Hospital, Afyon / Turkey

2 Department Of General Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Afyon Kocatepe University, Afyon / Turkey

3 Department Of Internal Medicine, State Hospital, Afyon / Turkey


The incidence of complex hepatobiliary injury secondary to blunt abdominal injuries varies between 3.4 and 5%. A 25-year old male patient underwent an urgent operation due to a motorcycle accident. During intraabdominal exploration, Grade 4 laceration was detected at the liver and bleeding was controlled through primary repair. In the postoperative seventh day, he was referred due to 1500 cc bile leakage from the drainage tube. During the operation, an extensive Kocher maneuver was done and the second part of duodenum was observed to be exposed to total avulsion from the head of the pancreas. Pancreatoduodenectomy was planned due to presence of ischemic changes in the second part of duodenum. In the postoperative follow-up, the abdomen was closed with a controlled abdominal closure procedure. The clinical findings of biliary tract injuries secondary to blunt abdominal injuries often manifest themselves late and early diagnosis is possible only with suspicion.