Document Type: Case Report



Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a rare clinicoradiological entity characterized by neurological symptoms. It is associated with various conditions like hypertension, renal diseases and use of cytotoxic agents. It occurs more often in adults than children. PRES has been described in pediatric patient with renal diseases like nephrotic syndrome, nephritis and in acute renal failure as in cases of Hemolytic-uremic syndrome but there are no reports of PRES in cases of recovery from acute kidney injury due to prerenal cause like hypovolemia. We herein present an interesting case of 6-year-old girl with traumatic amputation who developed PRES days after recovery of acute kidney injury. The patient was successfully managed medically. The presented clinical scenario demonstrates the fact that PRES can develop in a trauma patient in acute setting of recovering from hypovolemic acute kidney injury. Prompt recognition and treatment is important and can lead to complete recovery.