department of general surgery,shiraz university of medical science, shiraz , iran


Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of the gallbladder for reconstruction of the inferior vena cava in a canine model.Methods: The experimental study was conducted on 5 dogs; an oval window with a diameter of (4×1 cm) was made in the inferior vena cava and then repaired using the autologous gallbladder patch with preservation of gallbladder function. The patency and functionality of the graft were assessed macroscopically and microscopically at 2 months postoperatively.Results: All the dogs were euthanized at 2 months, showing excellent patency of the vena cava macroscopically. In the microscopic examination, all the patches were completely endothelialized. No evidence of infection and inflammation and thrombosis was noted.Conclusion: The gallbladder patch is an available and safe alternate for reconstruction of the inferior vena cava at least in animal model. However, further well designed prospective studies are needed to confirm this hypothesis.