Document Type: Case Report


Vladimir City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medicine


Postoperative intussusception in adults is an extremely rare clinical entity. Postoperative intussusception caused by a jejunal peritoneal cyst is even rarer. Etiopathogenesis of this clinical condition is not well understood. In the given case it seems to be a complication of prolonged contact of a draining tube with bowel. We present a case of postoperative spontaneous intussusception in a 72-year-old female patient after gastric surgery. The cause of intussusception appeared to be a jejunal peritoneal cyst which is extremely rare. Desinvagination and excision of cyst via laparotomy was performed and the postoperative course was uneventful. Abdominal draining tubes should be placed in a position which will avoid possible further prolonged contact with bowel.