Document Type : Case Report


Department of Emergency Medicine, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran



Endotracheal intubation is more commonly performed in the right main bronchus; however, it may rarely be performed in the left side. A 52-years-old man was brought to the emergency department by emergency medical services (EMS) after multiple trauma injury. There was a decrease in the right lung’s sound. Lung computed tomography (CT) scan revealed total pulmonary atelectasis. This scan was at the time that patient did not mention any recent history or complaint of pulmonary problems or diseases. In CT scan, we observed the white lung in the right side, the trachea which was deviated to the right, and the collapse-consolidation of the right lung was seen. The endotracheal tube image was observed in the left main bronchus which is a rare phenomenon. Decreasing of the right lung sound may not always be due to pneumothorax or hemothorax in trauma patients. In these patients, the rare phenomenon of left lung intubation should be considered as well. Left lung intubation may occur because of the lesion presence in the right lung.