Document Type : Case Report


1 Civil Hospital Palampur HP India

2 Dr Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College Kangra at Tanda Himachal Pradesh (Pin 176001)


Blunt trauma abdomen is a very common entity but traumatic abdominal wall hernia is not that common. Herniation through abdominal wall usually occurs following trauma with seat belt, motor cycle, bicycle handle bar etc. Handlebar hernia is a less known variety of traumatic abdominal wall hernia as a consequence of injury with handlebar of a bicycle. It is difficult to diagnose and one should have high index of suspicion. Management in traumatic abdominal wall hernia is individualized based on various factors. We herein present an interesting case of a14-year-old boy, who sustained blunt trauma abdomen from bicycle handlebar leading to triple herniation and perforation of the small bowel and hematoma of the mesentery. Patient was resuscitated and operated with a favorable outcome. Blunt trauma abdomen is a very common and the possibility of traumatic abdominal wall hernia should always be borne in mind.


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