Objective: To investigate the epidemiological aspects of all-cause injuries in Hamadan province during a 6-year period.Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study on injured subjects admitted to private or governmental hospitals in Hamadan province during March 2009 to March 2015. The epidemiological characteristics were retrieved from a registry-based system including gender, residency, injury mechanism and date of injury occurrence, outcome of hospitalization (full recovery/disability/death).Results: Totally, 135,925 hospitalized injured cases were recorded. The majority of cases were male (72.6%) and were occurred in urban areas (60%), about 40% of patients were in 20-34 years’ age group, and the highest proportion (30.13%) of injuries occurred in summer. Logistic regression showed that the odds of disability vs. recovery was significantly higher in rural areas [Adjusted odds ratio (AOR) =3.42] and the odds of death vs. recovery was higher among male gender (AOR=1.46). In addition, comparing to the 0-4-year age-group, odds of death were significantly higher in middle aged and elderly victims. Conclusion: Our findings showed that middle age groups, male gender and urban area increase the odds of death. Injured males and old age subjects had the highest odds of death and out of residential area injuries were common cause of leading death injuries.


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