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Objective: To assess the outcome long standing ulno-humeral dislocation managed by open reduction and stabilization with V-Y plasty.Methods: This cross-sections study included 14 patients with elbow dislocation that was more than 3 months without joint ankylosis, myositis ossificans or nerve injury. The surgical management not only included open reduction of the elbow joint, but also elongation of the triceps aponeurosis, collateral ligament repair along with the stabilization of the elbow joint. The results were analyzed using the Mayo Elbow score and the range of motion at 3 months and results were compared with the function of the patients elbows before surgery.Results: Among the 14 included patients, there were 9 (64.3%) men and 5 (35.7%) women. The mean age of the patients was 27.8 ± 8.3 (ranging from 21 to 34) years. The average ROM at the time of admission was found to be 37.0° ± 25.8° (10° to 65°) in flexion and 15.5° ± 14.6° (0° to 30°) in extension lag. Patients’ preoperative Mayo clinic elbow performance assessment showed an index score of 47.3 ± 10.3 (range of 35 to 53).Conclusion: This results of the current study demonstrates that relative good function with a pretty low risk can be obtained when comparing the functional results after 3 months with preoperative status. Based on these results we recommend that neglected elbow dislocation should be managed by surgical intervention even if the dislocations are old.