Objectives: To develop a clear criteria for classifying the patients in triage unit of a tertiary healthcare center according to five-level triage system.Methods: This study is a qualitative study being conducted in five stages at Vali-Asr Hospital of Qom in 2013. After two survey, the experts were interviewed using focus group discussion (FDG) and study was continue with. Data were analyzed through studying the opinions of the specialized teams' members, summarizing and classifying the data in qualitative phase.Results: Changes proposed in the triage form communicated by Iran's emergency department according to the participants' opinions include informing all the patients in the emergency department of some necessary information. Therefore, three parts of medical and medicinal history, vital signs and level of consciousness were added to the first part of the form and necessary emergency facilities were also added to the third level of triage.Conclusion: Measuring each item added to the general part of the triage form provides more precise diagnosis and more scientific classification, since the level to which the patient belongs should be identified based on medical history, clinical signs and level of consciousness.