Document Type : Case Report


1 Universidad del Magdalena

2 Universidad de Cartagena

3 Hospital Universitario de Neiva


Traumatic brain injury is a common entity. However cerebral infarction in infants is a rare entity while the diagnosis of this pathology in the pediatric population is usually difficult. The mild head trauma is rarely accompanied by intracranial injury and even less, with cerebral infarction. We herein report the first case of cerebral infarction after a mild brain trauma in a 2-year-old Latin-American male patient, in which brain computed tomography (CT) scan was performed on the first day of the accident, showed right hemispheric cerebral ischemia compromising the fronto-parieto-occipital region. Conservative management was established. The patient died at day 5. So Brain CT scan may be beneficial to reveal any hemispheric infarction due to a probable mass effect.