Objective: To describe the clinical characteristics, presentation and management of Pardah pin inhalation in female teenagers of single center in northern India.Methods: This was a prospective cross-sectional study being performed in department of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery of Sher-i-Kashmir institute of medical sciences located in northern India from January 2009 to December 2012. We included 36 female patients with Pardah pin inhalation who were admitted to our center during the study period. All patients underwent rigid bronchoscopy under local or general anesthesia. We recorded the baseline characteristics including the demographic information, the site of the pin and clinical findings as well as the management strategies and the outcome of these patients.Results: All patients were female using scarf to wrap their head and neck as religious obligation. Mean age of the patients was 14.3 ± 3.6 years. The most common symptom was chocking followed by cough being reported in all (100%) and 31 (86.1%) patients respectively. Bronchoscopy was successful in removing the pin in 31 (86.1%) patients. Pins were located in right main bronchus in 20 (55.5%) patients, and in left main bronchus in 10 (27.7%) patients. There was no mortality in our series. Pin was removed in 31 (86.1%) patients with the help of bronchoscope, but 5 (13.9%) patients needed bronchotomy for removal of the pin. Average hospital stay was 12.43 ± 1.6 hours.Conclusion: Rigid bronchoscopy is an ideal approach in management of Pardah pin inhalation. However some patients may need bronchotomy to remove the Pardah pin.