Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and preparedness of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Islamic Republic of Iran to face Ebola.Methods: The present study is cross-sectional and somehow descriptive. We used a standard questionnaire that was designed by “center for disease control and prevention”. This questionnaire was captioned “Emergency Medical Services (EMS) checklist for Ebola preparedness”. We collected a lot of data by studying that questionnaire and every manager in every province of Iran were informed about that info in 2016. This data was analyzed by using SSPP software version 16.Results: Findings have showed the average score related to preparation level of EMS in facing Ebola in Iran was 63.73±12.77 percent. There was no significant difference between the country regions regarding the preparedness of to detect (p=0.975), protect (p=0.275) and respond (p=0.344) to ebola outbreaks.The highest score had been achieved by region number 5 and the lowest score belonged to region number 7.Conclusion: Although the acquired average score in this study is higher than standards, considering the increased threat of breaking out biologic threats especially Ebola infection, using and practicing some measures in order to enhance preparation level of Emergency Medical Services counter this infection and similar infectious diseases is inevitable.